Pioneer 30R Dac Bypass

I am planning on using a pioneer 30R using an OnTheGo to USB B to go into a DS Jr. and wonder if anyone knows if this will bypass the Pioneer’s DAC?

If it will not…What will the effect to the DS be? I imagine since it is a digital out, the DS would only receive the numbers and not of the effects of the Pioneer DAC.

Is this a correct assumption?



I don’t know anything about this portable player but, in general, the DS Jr. should have no issues if you feed it a standard “digital out” signal via a connection that is compatible with the input options of the DS Jr.

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“Captain Obvious” (but maybe I missed your point)

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I was reading on the 30R and their manual states if the output dac does not support DoP stream then the output can be damaged.

This is all over my head, but does the DS support DoP Stream? Or will I be stuck with using DSD only?

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Not my area of expertise either…

Check out this thread: A DOP thread…

Also do some DOP searches using the forum search engine – should be helpful. Good luck,


DoP is DSD over PCM. The DSD bits are in the bottom 24 bits of the PCM and the top 8 bits are a small PCM value so if your equipment doesn’t understand DoP you’ll get a quiet hissy signal. I can’t think of any DAC that doesn’t support DoP that will be damaged by such a quiet signal.

Think of DoP like an envelope. It holds DSD but looks like 24/176.4k PCM and will travel thru any equipment that supports 24/176.4k PCM just fine. If the destination understands DoP it will retrieve the exact DSD bits from the source. If it doesn’t understand DoP you’ll get hiss that might very vaguely resemble the original signal.

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