Playing For Change

Something is going on on Youtube you should check out. They are doing worldwide simulcasts of a given song, and artists from all over are all playing and singing that song. It’s called Playing For Change. The first one I saw was Robbie Robertson and musicians and singers from all over, doing The Weight. They do video cutins of the musicians playing and singing. It’s really incredible. Sitars, mandolins, African congas, stand up basses, singers from France, Africa, Australia, New Orleans…some are street musicians, and others from all walks of life. Some of the songs I heard on this are now my favorite covers of those songs. I have no connection to this program, just think it’s very neat. If we can come together to play a song together, it seems to make the world a little smaller. It may even choke you up a little. It did me. Music is the universal language, and we have to have something to play on our hi-end gear, eh?
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Great stuff. Enjoyed All Along The Watchtower too