Playlist / Album information & Art when you own PWT & DMP?

I temporarily have both a PWT and a DMP in my system (both are registered). I often find that the PWT will download track information and the artwork but when the same disc is played in the DMP it often doesn’t find the artwork even though it finds the track information. This happens whether the DMP default is Stereo SACD or CD format.

My “playback” list now is now populated with unknown titles, also duplicate albums without artwork - I suspect they are the ones the DMP hasn’t recognised or partially recognised - i.e. tracks but no artwork…

It would be nice if the DMP could recognise the tracks based on my ‘playback list’ from the CD layer of previous playing - it doesn’t seem to happen

frank7036 said I often find that the PWT will download track information and the artwork but when the same disc is played in the DMP it often doesn't find the artwork even though it finds the track information.
The DMP may not be finding much of anything. For any SACD it can read the disc title and track titles off the disc directly, and likewise for any Redbook CDs that contain CD-TEXT. But it does not appear that the DMP can transfer what it reads off the disc onto the Playlist, so if you have Playlist entries with track info that was actually downloaded.

Those ‘unknown’ entries are a pain – I keep deleting them.

Obviously I don’t really understand the full function of the ‘playlist’. I found when I played a SACD/CD (or CD) via the PWT aand it found track info but didn’t find the album art I could subsequently edit the playlist entry, add the art work and the next time I played it the PWT would pick it up. This doesn’t seem to happen with the DMP.

IMHO the Transport (PWT/DMP) should look 1st at the disc to retrieve information and then at your playlist. If I remember correctly the transports use a part of the SSD card to store information - is it not possible to make the transport update from the user playlist - or provide a playlist function that the user can manually update the SSD card from their playlist?

In an even better world PS Audio should combine the playlists of all users and be building a master library to be accessed or use a link to ‘discogs’ or similar.

1st world problems I know.

Appropriate, as everything about this hobby is decidedly first-world.

I gave up on the playlist long ago. It recognizes relatively few classical CDs, much less the album art. I occasionally plug-in an Ethernet cable to see what it can do, but out of vague amusement only.

The PWT checks the SD card first, then looks at a table unique to your PWT in our Globalnet server. If nothing there, it checks Musicbrainz and Discogs for metadata. We are in the process of implementing a global database as you suggest. There are some issues with that we are working on currently.

It is supposed to work the same way with the DMP. However, there is a bit of new difficulty. One is that we are using a more complex disc ID calculation algorithm that is less prone to improperly duplicating albums. However, we have found that it provides some disc IDs that differ from the common ones. It isn’t trivial to update disc IDs in the Internet databases, so we are relying on getting this common database to solve that problem. It will take a bit of time to work out the details.

The DMP presents a new problem with this SACD stuff. Disc IDs are usually characterized by CD ripping programs. As you know ripping SACDs is not commonly possible. Therefore there is not a repository of SACD disc IDs. We hope the PS Audio common database will help that as well.

I’m very much looking forward to a community of users adding to the metadata/cover art capability in the DMP. I just wish we had been ahead of the game with this. I often feel like the guy on the Bullwinkle cartoon that is sweeping up after the horse parade.

Something very whacky going on in the MyPS>Playlist register. There is a whole stack of stuff showing up on MyPS>Playlist that I don’t own, I don’t recognize, and that I’ve never played before. There must be some crossed wires happening between MyPS>Playlist and somebody else.

Hi Brodic,
I see that you have two disc players registered - a DMP and a PWT. Do you still own/use both of these players?

I’ve never registered, owned or used a PWT. I own a DMP, which I still have.

You definitely have a PWT registered on our website. I’ll PM you the details.

It wasn’t registered by me, I’ve never owned one, nor even touched one for that matter.