Playlist not registering a particular CD

Hi All,
I have one CD that plays fine in the DMP, displays album art and each track as it plays, however this CD doesn’t appear in my Playlist.
Is there anything I can do to enable the CD to show up in my playlist?
The album is ;

Appreciate any comments.

I suggest simply uploading the CD cover picture and entering the track list manually.

Hi @Elk
I don’t see an option to add a new album to my playlist?

Play the CD. You should see it on the playlist, but without cover art or track listings. You should see something like the below image. Click on “Untitled” and make the change you would like, etc… You can upload cover art as well.

No, what I said in the original post - Playlist isn’t registering the disc at all.
I know about what you mentioned and have corrected that a number of times.
This one has me stumped.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood. I thought “this CD doesn’t appear in my Playlist” meant that it was not recognized by the database, not that it does not appear at all.

I take it CDs you play before and after this particular CD do appear in the Playlist? If so, I have no idea why one particular CD would be ignored entirely. Unless there is a gremlin in the system who does not like female alto pop singers.

I have a couple of disks that do the same thing! This is definitely a DMP thing as these same discs registered fine with my PWT! This is a strange problem isn’t it!

I am now on the DMP V3.06 firmware and noticed the following Playlist behavior for a couple of days.
If a disc was “new” (not loaded to the DMP before) and was NOT recognized in the PS Audio database, I got a blank entry in my Playlist as Elk illustrated as Untitled/Unknown that I could then fill in the cover art and song list.
If I played a disc that was already on my SD card, it did NOT show in my playlist. Even on CDs that I have played many times.
If I played a “new” disc that WAS recognized in the PS Audio database, it downloaded the track list and cover art, but did NOT show in my Playlist.
This last problem seems to be OK today, with 2 new CDs loaded, track list and cover art downloaded and they show in my Playlist. This was followed by an SACD that is on my SD card, and it showed in my Playlist today, whereas it did not show yesterday. That was followed by a CD-R and a commercial CD that have been on my Playlist since day 1, and neither one showed in my Playlist, but I still have the track list and cover art from the SD card on the DMP display.

At this point, I am not sure if these issues are a problem with the Playlist server, the DMP, or a combination of both.

The expected behavior if you have an SD card in the DMP and an active internet connection is that each time you load a disc, it should reach out to the Playlist server and create an entry in your Playlist. If the disc is already on your SD card, it should check your Playlist for any updates to the track list and/or cover art and download them to the SD card if something is changed. If it is not on your SD card, it should try and look up the disc ID for a match, and if it finds a match, then download the track list and cover art if it is on file. Otherwise, just put and Unknown entry into the Playlist.

A question for PS Audio is why it takes 20 seconds or more to download a small cover art file? Is it because the bulk of that time is actually doing a lookup to find the cover art? If so, it would be preferable to have the onscreen message say Looking for cover art, followed by Downloading cover art once it is found.

Yes, other discs played after playing this CD register fine and if I’m playing a disk that I’ve played before and is in my playlist it registers that I’ve played it again I.e the ‘played count’ goes up.
@bstanwick ; I did wonder that if the CD cover art is already on the SD card that this may cause the disc register protocol to hiccup. I’ll have to try deleting the files related to this CD from the SD card and see if that fixes it. From memory it’s a pain interrogating the SD card as the files are not named just a bunch of numbers that relate to the individual discs.

I deleted the CD entry from the SD card and then played the CD. The track list and cover art were downloaded from the CD. However The disc still does not register with My Playlist. Perhaps with the other people saying they are experiencing similar issues someone from the PS Audio programming team could look in to this?

Very odd. My hope is with the excellent detail provided PS audio can look into this.