Playlist not updating

All new CDs played since last week are not showing up on my playlist even though they are showing on the PWT screen - can modify CD playlists that are already there indicating that Internet is being accessed.

Anyone else having issues?

The last CDs I played (on the 15th) are showing up in my playlist. Haven’t used my PWT since then.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve looked at my playlist. Boy, I sure do play “Untitled” and “Unknown” a lot. I wish I knew what those are - they must be good! Here’s to hoping the PWT II uses a better database as a source. beer_gif


Hello, Michael. I took a look at your account, and I do see 4 discs played on July 15, as well as 6 more on July 14, showing up on your playlist at

Can you give me a little more information to help troubleshoot? Are there specific titles which you are not seeing?

Thank you!
-Tyera, at PS Audio


After talking with Jeremy, I recalled that Apple had required an update of the router firmware on the 15th. As a result, the PWT was not connected to the Internet. We got into a discussion about firewalls and I then researched IP addresses and in despair resigned myself to doing without the PWT connection. And then I thought why not reboot the PWT?

Connectivity was immediately restored and I’m getting connectivity with my playlist.

Thank everyone for their help.


Great news, glad it was an easy fix!


It seems that the playlist is not updating again. My DMP reports that it’s internet connection is ok but new CDs played are not appearing.

Playlist is still not showing any new entries even though the DMP seems happy with its connectivity. Rebooted all relevant hardware.
Is anyone else having this issue?

Nothing I’ve played has appeared on MyPlaylist since the 21st.

Nothing since the 18th has appeared on mine.

I just put in a CD which was quickly recognized (Haydn Symphonies, Antal Dorati). As is typical no album art, but all is normal.

My playlist updated for the first time tonight after a couple of weeks of not doing so.

(By which I mean the playlist under My PS, not the playlist on the touch screen.)