Please help me get the gist of the Direct Stream DAC controller

Good morning Paul, Ted, Elk and the entire team and PSA family forum friends.

What I would really like to understand is this: my gear rack is about 20’ away from my sitting
position. Too far away to view the DSD DAC screen.

My music is stored on a usb 3 thumbdrive . How then would I from my listening position
without using a laptop windows or mac as interface could I then view my library and select
the album or tracks I wish to listen to…

Do you have an app that can be downloaded onto my mobile and through my wifi control the
Direect Stream DAC ?

Having such an app would be a major game changer for me. I’m not interested in roon, jriver,
Qobuz or any such…

Oppo has spoiled me in this regard…

So please help me get the gist of controlling the DSD…I don’t have one yet …
Controlling the DSD is of concern for me…

Thanks everyone your help is appreciated!

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You could try mconnect app on your phone.

I assume you want to functionality you get with Roon, JRiver, Oppo, etc. but I don’t believe that is available without purchasing something.

Maybe the upcoming Octave music server will have SW that can be used even without having the Octave server.

I know you’re not interested in ROON but it will accomplish exactly what you’re after. You’ll be able to browse with your phone/tablet, hit play, and with hardly any headache at all. Setup may take a little, but that’s what ROON has done such a good job with.

Using the Mconnect app to play files from a thumb drive will be loaded with headache and pulling of whatever hair that might be left up top. That app is designed much more around streaming from things like Tidal and Qobuz.

Octave will be just like ROON in this situation. Very easy to browse files and hit play, but of course is still being worked on.

Hey jamesh…thanks for looking at this matter…In PS Audio’s ongoing developing work with Octave would you please also develop the means
to include the use of locally stored music thumdrive sans computers.

Akin to Oppo…

Thanks guys…

Most Dacs do not allow the use of and attached USB drive whether thumb or disk. Streamers allow for that.

Thanks watchdog…it just seemed to me that the Direct Stream DAC
has an sd card port…wouldn’t that read play music files from
an sd card?

Advise appreciated thanks

The Sd card slot is only for updates


Ah I shoulda known…yep
Thanks again watchgog

It is primarily for updates but if you have a Bridge Card it will be used to store cover art and metadata too.

Most routers have build-in NAS functionality handling external usb-disks instantly (no need for pc/streamer/switch). Streamed this way for years via BridgeII using a Netgear Nighthawk router, flawlessly with the BubbleUPnP controlpoint (mconnectControlHD and Lumin for iOS)

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My bad. I removed my bridge and promptly forgot about the memory for images.

No bad, Just wanted to make sure that others realized the other purpose of the SD card.