Ported subs

my local magnpan dealer likes paradigm subs, a defiant x 10. which is ported. it has the arc dsp app with it.most of the time i read and here sealed is the way to go. i do have limatations with subwoofer placement though. i assume the app based adjustments would help. any thoughts?

I have a pair of Paradigm Prestige 1000SW which use the same DSP via computer adjustement. The DSP works great for room adjustement. Prestige subs are sealed though which provides for much tighter driver control. Ported subs are not as good for tightly controlled music use if that is your ultimate goal.

Plan to hear many, many REL and JL Audio sub recommendations on the form. They are good subs as are Paradigm, Golden Ear and SVS subs.

they carry the full line and am surprised they didnt suggest sealed

Ported and sealed subs can sound great. IMO, there is no best based on just that consideration. Others may disagree. Quality, integration with your main speakers and set up in general are much more critical considerations. FWIW: SVS Discussion on Ported vs. Sealed and A Good Audioholics Discussion Piece on the Subject. My advice, get the absolute best you can afford of either design – better yet get two of them. Enjoy the search.

[Edit/PS: I think ARC is one of the best DSP/sub integration software programs out there.]

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thank you, i think im set on sealed subs- i only need a little bass to get happy- back to research

Anthem/Paradigm ARC is better than Audessey but still not the end all be all. Are your mains ported or sealed? It’s easier to integrate if both are the same as the crossover/rolloff slope will be the same.

Check out Rythmikaudio.com I have been very happy with a pair of the smallest sealed L12 servo subs.

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when you mains do you mean speakers? if so they are magnapan .7i

Yes, main speakers. Sorry, I don’t know the crossover characteristics of planar magnetics.


Let us know where you end up, please.

Have fun.

oh i will, reading about rythmik. there website is not the most user friendly if you lack subwoofer understanding :frowning_face:

That’s probably the -3dB point (45Hz) but it doesn’t tell us if the slope is 6dB, 12dB or 24dB or so on.

No, it’s not, but there is much to learn. Read some then go back and talk with your dealer about your new found knowledge. They may or may not have a different recommendation.

Here’s another option if you’re looking to keep the cost down.


They have a 30 day trial period and they pay return shipping.

yes, thank you

PS Audio use to use Maggie 3.6s as their reference speakers with Martin Logan subs.

Maggies are fast speakers and I suspect a sealed sub/s, which provides tighter driver control, would be your best match.