Possible to adjust the DSD attenuator?

Is it possible to adjust the attenuator in the DSD? I understand the attenuator takes off 20 db, but it would be much better for me if it only took 10 db.

Is it possible to do some surgery on the DSD to make this change?

I would like to avoid adding external attenuators.



Unfortunately, there is not. Only two choices.

Here’s the relevant part of the schematic

Here’s are some relevant posts about it:

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Thank you


I found a solution that doesn’t involve me messing up the internals…

Simple really…I set DSD Att to off and added custom attenuation via Roon.

It is working quite well.

In case anyone is interested.


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A few dB of attenuation at the software player is a good thing

Helps avoid over sample inter unders or something along those lines

There’s no logical reason to not use the DS’s volume control instead of Roon’s. If you are playing DSD, you probably want to use the DS’s volume control.

FWIW The DS doesn’t suffer from intersample overs.

Well this seems to be working for me. Without attenuating in Roon the sound is either too hot or deflated.

For the record i am using DS vol. Just cutting 10 % as it leaves the Core.


If one is upsampling or convoluting in Roon or HQP before the DS, both of which are subject to inter sample overs, it does, yes?

I use the DS for volume as well but like to leave a few dB room in HQP in my case…certainly not enough to be able to hear the difference in noise floor.

Duh, I didn’t realize you were talking about possible Roon issues


@tonydennison - how do you know it is 10%?

I adjust my Roon N+ as auto level - not % based?

Sorry 10 db

@tonydennison - thanks for the feedback. I was adjusting my auto level at -14LUFS and external at -5dB. My internal files played are adjusted to -14LUFS and external at -5dB as shown below. After a few months back and forth, I just use auto to OFF; however keep the streaming at -5dB. I assume you are talking about streaming external for the dB correct? In my N+ external input (streaming) is not known by Roon so it uses the -5dB as the volume set. My library is auto adjusted cause Roon has all the volume data on every track.

Also, assume you mean -10dB to reduce the streaming volume?

I believe he’s using the Headroom Adjustment in DSP settings not Volume Leveling in Zone settings.

Volume leveling will vary the reduction based on the ‘loudness’ of the track or album, headroom adjustment is a consistent reduction regardless.

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@brett66 - my N+ has (2) adjustments, one for auto-leveling and the other for external streaming (by default). When I play Qobuz, it reduces the input by -5dB because it has no volume data, streaming. The by default comment. My library has all the volume data so when I play a library track, the auto leveling kicks in if I have it on…

I guess there is another way to effect volume that I have not played with (DSP. Thanks, will give that a look.

Very cool, thanks

Turn on the clipping indicator, sometimes Tidal tracks clip without the help of DSP. It does no harm.

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@brett66 - Thanks and very cool, will have to digest that DSP engine. Cool, I turned it on @ 0dB and nice, it is not in the signal path… So alerted when the signal path light turns red

It is true…i am using the headroom adjustment -10

@tonydennison - hey thanks, Brett straightened me out and I like the clipping feature along with ability to change level absolutely while listening to my library inside the N+. I don’t like the sound of auto adjust; however, you have to be vigilant with DSD volume control.

Yeah, played around with the head room and 0dB matches my DMP the best… would like to be able to turn the DMP down a little.

I like A/B my N+ files & streaming against the DMP and have to adjust the DMP volume down a little. Nice both going into the DSD as I2S, flipping the channel on the DSD Sr is convenient…