Possible to use USB input of DirectStream Junior for a turntable?

I remember reading a post from Paul McGowan some time ago about the ability to use a NuWave Phono Preamplifier to take the turntable’s analogue signal and export it as a digital signal via USB to a PS Audio DAC for re-conversion back to an analogue signal.

I am wondering whether it is possible to do this using a USB phono converter other than a NuWave Phono Preamplifier?

I am using a DirectStream Junior DAC as a preamplifier in my system and would like to use the USB input for a turntable. I have connected the DirectStream Junior DAC via USB to another USB phono preamplifier, but I am not getting any signal into my DAC.

Is anybody able to advise how I might be able to get this arrangement to work? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



It should be, have you used the USB turntable in to a computer?
Depending on the turntable preamp it may be outputting a codec that is not compatible with the Jnr. I just took a look and I don’t think the Jnr can process MP3. You might have to run the tt into a player on your computer, either JRiver, Audirvana, or Foobar [free], then output 16/44 to the Jnr. Or see if you can choose what the preamp outputs, choosing 16/44. When I was looking for an ADC, or phono preamp to digitize some LPs, many of the lower priced units only output MP3 or 16/44.
Either post the turntable preamp brand and model, or call PS Audio and talk to one of their tech people.

Thanks Jeff. I’m currently trying to use the ProJect Phono Box USBV. The User Instructions note the A/D converter as “Burr Brown PCM9204 16-Bit Delta Sigma”, sampling rates as 32, 44.1 and 48kHz and the USB signal as “digital serial data protocol USB 1.1”.


I just looked at the manual, and I think you need to hook it up to a computer to set the sampling rate, as it has no way to do it on the device.I think the only way to play it through the Jnr will be to route it through a computer.

Thanks again Jeff. Are you familiar with the Schiit Jil ADC? Do you know if that one would enable me to plug directly into the DirectStream Junior?

I was not, but it is just a basic ADC with no phono preamp. It also needs to go through a computer, if I read the info correctly.
If you have a phono preamp, I would contact Schiit and ask them. You would need a USB cable with type B connectors on both ends.
The nice thing is that you can select sample rate on the device. So it may work, contact them, and let us know.