Power and electrical quality factors

Not sure if I posted in the wrong section since I got no feedback on this, so here it is again:

I guess you guys will be the most talented I could find when it comes to answer questions about power/current quality and what to look for. I have the opportunity to use a quite advanced measurement equipment which is plugged into the wall outlet next to my hifi gear (with a DAC Jr and Pass Labs amps). However, the guys lending me the equipment are experts on current for trams and locomotives (!) and cannot add much to my understanding of how the figures should be interpreted for audiophile stuff. I hope that you could shed some lights on this matter and what to look for.

In short it can measure and report on (over time) frequency, voltage and transients, as well as harmonics (also individual) and THD. It measures on phase to neutral and neutral to ground. Since I live in Sweden we use 230V (which I can see is actually 239V btw…)

It would be extremely interesting to start to get some knowledge about these things - really down to the basics I think and where it all starts in a way. What matters and what doesn’t? As a starting point for investing in PS power cleaning gear, it would be interesting to understand the current (!) status. :slight_smile:

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