Power conditioner AND power distributor

@vee - thanks… this is a great forum with so many great audiophiles and nice people in general. I always like sharing thought, planning, execution, and results. It is how we grow and in general, just a lot of fun. You have to have passions in your life and people to share them with… this forum always keeps me on my toes and I like there is so much experience and different ways to skin a cat…

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Yes insulation is a “pay once and get benefits for a lifetime” purchase. Also it has to be done at the beginning of the build to be most efficient. Retrofits are good but not as good.

I studied efficient house designs in the '70’s due to the oil embargo at that time and learned a lot. Heavy insulation, double walls, insulated glass, double doors, framed and insulated basement walls instead of concrete, underground houses, geothermal, solar panels, wind were all being studied and beginning to be used then. Also there were several groups of hippies living in communes in the area. They are an energy and resource conserving group by nature and as such I learned a lot from them too. There were a couple of old timers born in the depression who grew up as hippies before it became a word.

One thing you have to consider in your design is to be sure not to make the house too air tight as you need fresh air or you risk some air quality related health issues. It seems like you need 10% / hour of make up air from outside. I’m just going from memory so the number may not be correct.

The business is rolling along full speed as always. We were deemed “essential” by the Governor so were required to stay open during the pandemic due to the nature of our business. We serve energy, transportation, and medical (chemical) businesses that were required to also remain open. We no longer allow walk in customers or sales people without an appointment, screening and face protection.

Everyone is doing well. Paula has about 90% of her mobility back from her stroke last year.

It sounds like you are both doing well too. Again, nice to see you back in the group.


Vern - yes, agreed, the design has to be thought out and the beginning of the build is the best time to weigh the approaches, cost, trade offs… great to hear Paula is doing well, payers answered… good to hear about business, hope you are slowing down and your son doing a great job although I doubt the slowing down part. How are your systems doing?

I may have missed it, but have you considered a heat pump?

Trying to slow down a little but not having much luck. :grin:

I haven’t used the system with the DSJr in it for a year or so. Everything is still together just not being used.

The system here with the 8c’s will soon be updated. I am waiting on a set of Spatial X5’s to be finished up and then I will replace the 8c’s with a P20 and a set of BHK 300’s to drive the X5’s. I will still use the same front end to drive the 300’s. It uses a P12, Pink Faun Ultra, Oppomod 203, DSD and BHK preamp. I will still be using the 32’ long XLR’s to run the 300’s. It should be a cool experiment. I got permission from the big boss to put the 300’s and P20 in her living room. That was a happy day.

Qobuz is giving me fits the last couple of days. It drops a streamed signal after about 5 seconds and then goes into a “reconnecting” loop. Once it reconnects if you play a stream it drops again after 5 seconds or so. Music played from the local library is fine so it must be some sort of internet issue. Getting Qobuz working again is my goal for today.

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@Elk - the house is not full custom build; semi custom build; I am bound by options, not ideas… The pool is full custom: 400btu gas heater in tandem w/ 150btu heat pump. Heat pump is extremely efficient and very slow reacting; heating our 75ft (L) X 9ft (w) X 5ft (D) pool 9 months of the year; leaving the 400btu gas heater to pick up the slack. My wife swims 100 laps a day and I will start swimming 50 to 100 laps a day at lunch. We also have a casita (400SF) w/ full bath (interior walls removed), acts as a gym. The 3rd bedroom is the cycling studio… we call this new residence our compound… covidious maximums… heat pumps are very efficient and a smart way to heat…

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Using a heat pump to heat a pool is a great idea.

I was inspired to ask as you appreciate good, efficient technology and thus assumed you had given this some thought.

@Elk - also going in-floor cleaner system with pool height differential of 18in (48in [flip turn] to 66in [center]) to allow in line cleaners to more easily push the debris to center main drain. I was going to go gutter because of fluid dynamics and pool turbulence; however, 9ft wide with one swimmer is enough width. My wife thinks she is a great swimmer and getting in the pool with her will only depress her. This lease house is bumming me out… beautiful brand new house; however, all I can do is ride. I just got back… those are the White Tank mountains, bottom left… more like hills. One thing about living in Calabasas, CA… Santa Monica mountains had spectacular climbing with 2kft between Calabassas and Malibu. So going from home to the pier and back near Peperdine University netted you at least 3K to 5K ft that day…

Shot of Saddle Peak (Santa Monica mountains) between Calabasas and Malibu… man I loved living there. It is the nicest place I ever lived for cycling.
These cloud banks are so cool in the morning after a 5mi 6-8% climb, so rewarding…


@Elk - This is me getting out of the ocean after a 1.2mi swim at a 1/2 IM - bald head; no cap needed to swim that 1/2 IM


@Baldy - Vern - tell me about the X5s? They look really cool! What got you going that way?

I was originally looking at Maggies which are by definition open baffle speakers. I wouldn’t be able to use them in the upstairs system and haven’t committed to putting a basement system together for a couple reasons.
Looking at other OB designs led me to GR Research NX-Otica and NX-Treme but they still need subs and are sold as kits only. I decided that if I bought a kit it may never get assembled.
That led me to the Spatials. They are reasonably priced and not as overbearing s the Maggies or GR Research speakers would be. They are also full range depending on how this room reacts.
It is a small company and Clayton is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am having them finished in a semi-gloss black like this: (these are Sapphires not X5’s - no AMT)

It will be interesting to see how the 300’s and X5’s compare to the 8c’s. The 8c’s with subs are a really nice solution but you know how this hobby goes.

@Baldy - Vern - yeah - you were looking to go Maggies from last we chatted so this is not a big leap. Let me know what you think… they look really good.

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Speaking of open baffle speakers, I just this morning, heard some Decware Zen Masters. One 15" full range driver, no crossover (obviously) and they sounded amazing. They were being driven by a Decware Anniversary something-or-other amp, PS Audio DMP/DSD. He was playing Monk and Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. I was very impressed. Like, maybe buy some impressed.


Hi Ron,
That’s good to hear. In the X5 I think the AMT driver runs from 500hz all the way up to 40khz or something ridiculous like that. The 12" “midrange” goes all the way down to 90hz and the 12" active sub takes over from there. They are effectively a 2 way OB with an OB powered sub. I’ll report in when everything gets setup and running. It should be an interesting experiment.


I understand your design is pretty much semi-final, but I thought you might find this article interesting – for materials and construction insights and ideas, if nothing else:

Good luck with the new house/sound room project.


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Have you read Don Sachs’ review of the pair he bought for himself?


I’ve owned a pair of M3 Triode Masters for about four years that get rotated in and out of the Family Room system. I use a pair of Rythmik F12G’s crossed at 35 hz to supplement the bottom end.

It would be so much easier if we just were happy with a Bose radio on the kitchen counter or a Sonos…

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Thanks Jack. I will check it out. I do have a pair of SVS 3000’s I can press into service if needed. I am going to try the system without additional subs at first.

You shouldn’t need the 3000’s with the X5 and I could in fact live with the M3TM’s without the subs if not for the volume of that room at a little over 5000 cubic feet.

Boy have you got that right.
I was listening to Firefox - Qobuz on my laptop today with a cheapo set of earphones as I am having issues with Roon / Qobuz streaming dropouts and Qobuz for win10 streaming dropouts. When pressed for a music playback choice I could probably live with the Firefox Qobuz web player. :thinking: