Power consumption in standby?

Was wondering how many watts the DSD, DMP, and BHK 250 and preamp consume when in standby mode?


Ask and ye shall receive :grin:

Here is power consumption when the back power switch is on but the front logo button is not illuminated - i.e., when the unit is idling.

DSD - 20W
DMP - 20W
BHK Pre - 50W
BHK 250 - 75W

Thanks. What are the Max watts for each when powered on and in use?

Well, the DSD and DMP don’t change, so those will still be 20w.

The Preamp consumes 60w when on and in use.

And the 250 when on and not playing consumes 175w. Since power consumption will change with how loud you’re listening and the load you’re driving, there’s not a simple wattage number I can give.

If helpful, I could check and see if engineering has max power consumption for the BHK 250 in their files. It’s not a measurement that’s really applicable for normal listening, though, since you’re never going to put a constant max power load on the 250.

So maybe just average and peak watts used when powering my Von Schweikert VR 35’s. If that’s possible to compute.


Sensitivity: 90dB/W/m
Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal, with a minimum of 5 Ohms @ 25 Hz.