Power consumption or usage of p10

what is the active power usage (all components are on) and passive (when all components are off) of p10 power plant .I have 2 monoblocks 300, signature pre, both ds and dmp, and iFi proican headphone amp connected . Is the p10 actively regenerating constantly or when there exists a demand by the components?

Hi @angela222 if the P10 is switched on (back switch) and active - whether the front switch is illuminated or not then it is regenerating the waveform.

I hope that helps.

Regards. Frank

Below is from the manual -

Front panel lighted logo button - When pressed so it is illuminated, the outlets operate as shown on the front panel display. When pressed so it is not illuminated, the regenerator circuitry is still powered and operating (my bold) However, display and outlets are turned off unless configured to be always on.

Similarly, if you turn your other PS Audio gear off at the front panel or use the remotes, they are in standby mode and continue to draw some power. This is the suggested approach for best sound.

Your P10 can display how much power is being used.