Power Generators

I have a P600 and it saved my ARC/NAIM/Hegel system. Mid-summer storm ripped thru Indiana in July. Tree smashed house and huge power surge. P600 was cooked but protected my system. Better than any insurance policy! I will replace with a P5. I highly recommend that everyone insert one of these products into your system to safeguard your system.

Besides the safety factor, the enhanced AC from the products will make your components sound unbelievable.

Welcome, Sailor59!

A number of people have reported similar experiences. smile

You’ll love the P5. Welcome.

I will only give up my P5 when one of two things happen: Someone prys it from my cold dead fingers, or I decide to spring for a P10. :) For whatever reason, the power where I live is both unreliable and nasty, and it makes a huge difference in my system.