Power Plant P-1000: "OU" Message: Must mean insufficient air flow.


P-1000: Anyone know what the “OU” message means? The P-1000 remains on but shuts down all components and displays “OU”. When I touch the P-1000, it is not hot (externally).

Everything is working at the moment except the PWD & PWT. Probably blown fuses from the on & off cycles. Isn’t it a pain in the ass to change fuses on those units? I guess too simple to have access from the back. You have to use those all-threads to push open the top lids - ridiculous. From whose acid trip did that design emerge?

I have seen the “HOT” message on the P-1000 during intermittent power issues due to the electrical storms we get at the beach.

Anyway - If you know let me know.

birddogthecat said: You have to use those all-threads to push open the top lids - ridiculous. From whose acid trip did that design emerge?

It is a neat design. Once.

I have no idea what "OU" means. I have attached the manual if it will help - and even if it will not.
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@elk Got the manual. Came with the unit. Must have something to do with air flow…a sensor perhaps. When I raised the shelf above the P-1000, the problem appears to be solved. Consequence of the new Adona Nenesis rack.

You like actually like that top removal system? How do like those shiny metal grabbers when they come loose during the process? Odd that no other manufacturer has adopted this remarkable system. It reminds of some Rube Goldberg design…making a simple task so complicated it becomes comedy. And, it would be if it wasn’t such a pain in neck and lower extremities.


As I wrote, the system is amusing - one time.


@elk Agreed.


I think the problem has been solved - air flow.



i assume you mean more space around the unit, not a fan or anything active.


@elk Correct. Removed the shelf about the P-1000. Has been on all morning with about 78 watts pulled through it. So far so good.


Good discovery, but I hate loosing the rack space.

The P10 perhaps should be placed on an amp stand.


@elk It is a P-1000 aka “The Tank” - no firmware update needed (I hope). What you see is what you get. I would love to get a P-1200 but you never see them on AudioGon.

The P-1000 was on an amp stand. But, when I acquired the Adona Nemesis the amp stand was in the way. It appears to be all sorted out now. The P-1000 ran flawlessly yesterday. Removing the shelf really didn’t cost me any storage area since I did not need the Nemesis anyway. I only bought it to relocate the VPI SDS away from the phono stage. Kind of overkill. However, the Nemesis only cost me $150.00 so what the hell.