Power Plant P600


Hello guys, new forum member here but long time PS Audio owner. I’ve been a very happy owner of one of the original Power Plant P600 power regenerators and unfortunately it died last night. I’ve traced the failure down to one of the power supply 680uf 100v caps. I plan on replacing all 4 of the power supply caps including the two 1000uf 50v caps and my questions is will a 1000uf 100v cap be a suitable replacement for the 680uf caps or should the replacements be an exact match?

I have 4 Mundorf 1000uf 100v M-Lytic AG series power supply caps that will replace the 1000uf 50v caps and would like to use the other two for the 680uf 100v caps.

Thanks in advance,

Nola man


It should be fine, make sure the voltages do indeed match or are exceeded.