I just received my new P5, opened the box did some reading on now to set it up but I had one problem when I plugged the main power cable in the rear of the P5 I can not plug any of my other power cables next to the main plug the plugs are to large they hit each other I had to go over one zone,the zone I can not use is the HC, dose anyone know if there is a extender of good quality that would fit the back of the P5 and power cable


I Smokey. The Dectet is a great choice. You can also look on the used market for a Juice Bar, a product we used to make. Or get smaller cables. 105_gif


Paul, I do have a DECTET already, will I have any advantages or disadvantages using the DECTET in front of or after the P5, can I plug the P5 into DECTET and would there be any advantage to plug the DECTET into the P5


No, in this case you’ll be fine. I would plug the Dectet into the output of the P5 as you wish to do extending your outlets.