PowerBase Question


Anyone have a suggestion how to extend the top of my PB and maintain the isolation feature, I need about three inches more to set my TT on it. A piece of counter top material ?


If your tt has a solid bottom or areas that are firmly connected to the chassis you could place supports of your choice underneath while the perimeter of the tt cantilevers over the edges. This would allow you to experiment with wood blocks, Herbie’s items, Sort Kones, Stillpoints etc… This would be my first choice option. If your tt needs to rest on it’s own feet then you could place it on an appropriate sized slab of maple or baltic birch plywood placed on top of the PB. I would avoid something that imparts too much mass, like thick granite. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work, just that there are cheaper things to start with that have given people good sounding results. One never knows how a given material will sound until it’s vetted in your own system. In any event you’ll need spacers between the wood (or whatever) and the PB to avoid contact with the outer rim of the PB and these could also be tweaky goodies like the ones above.

Good tweaking!


Thks, you gave me some ideas, but not sure why anything that has reasonable stiffness would need spacers to ‘avoid contact with the outer rim’, are you thinking it would deflect enough to load the outside corner ?


I was just looking at mine. There may be some variability in top height relative to the outer rim. I have my DS Dac on mine, supported on 3 Sort Kones. The top dips below the rim at one spot. Something resting here would contact the rim. Just a guess on my part that this would happen on yours, too.


Got it, mine all rest maybe 1/32 or so above.


People seem to like maple for some reason. It’s solid, stiff, relatively light and looks nice. Does it have some magic properties? Probably not…but, I could be wrong!respect-010_gif

oops, I thought this was the “ask the PSA idiot” thread…blush_gif