PowerPlay statistics daily, monthly and yearly

I have a P12 and I wonder if it is possible to present a summary statistics over these four sensors in PowerPlay on the header of the webpage so you can see the average value of these four sensors like daily, monthly and yearly of these values?
And why not a max/min. value?!
Maybe these values can also be presented visualy as a graphs with different colors?

Welcome, manose

Are you aware you can download all the data as a .csv file and perform all of these calculations, and more, as you would like?

It may also be possible to include the displays you would like on the PowerPlay page, but I do not know.

Yes I know :wink:
But it would be nice to have all info. presented on one same webpage!

… it would be more easy for everyone if it is presented on PS Audio webpage.
Could be little fiddly to export to excel… comparing to get it visual on powerplay, I assume average person might not go that far to export and make own graphs…?