PPP Output Voltage


i am using this is a 230v country, and noticed this morning the output voltage is 221. The input voltage is 228. It is cutting 7v.

Connected is Ayon tubed equipment, amplification is through another conditioner. In other words no heavy loads.

i am running separately a UPS for NAS storage, and the voltage for that reads 228v matching the PPP.

i have adjusted the screw on the base. While I can reduce the output, I cannot increase it past 221v.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

No quick ideas. It sounds to me like the unit needs service.

If you don’t have the name of the PS Audio distributor for your region, let us know


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply.

one thing I did check was the draw from each component. Most when turned on were about 1v drop according to the output. The standout was the Ayon Stratos DAC which was 6v which surprised me.

I guess, however that the PPP would boost to compensate within the allowable limits.

im living in Thailand at the moment, so if you could let me know the best place for a service here that would be great.

Thank you

We have a distributor in Thailand: Audio Excellence

Email: audioex@truemail.co.th

Give them a try