PrimaLuna Dialogue Seven Monoblock Power Amplifiers (SOLD)

I am the original owner of these amps and they work flawlessly.

Asking $2100 or best offer for the amps and tubes shown, includes shipping with in the US.

The amps come with a remote control SR Black fuses in the plates and IEC, the Herbes and EAT tube dampers. I will also include the tubes shown in this picture.

The DiaLogue Seven comes with KT88 tubes and works ell with KT120 tubes. You can switch the amplifier in “triode mode” or “ultra-linear mode”, by pushing a button on the included remote control. Switching the amplifier to triode mode connects the screen grid to the plate. This reduces the maximum power output to 40 watts, compared to the ultra-linear mode, which increases the maximum power output to 70 watts RMS, and also serves as negative feedback, which flattens the frequency response.

I’m very interested. I have the Dialogue Premium preamp and Tekton Double Impacts. I’ve been using a Nelson Pass Forst Watt M2 amp but would like to go all tube with more power. Would you take $1900 shipped to 33707? I can PayPal you immediately.

I currently have a pending offer on the amps, but will keep your post in case the deal falls through. I may have about 10, used 120 tubes and some tube dampers. I will post when I know for sure. Thanks for looking and welcome to the forum.

Hi if you’re offer falls through I will give you asking price + shipping costs. I can pay pal you ASAP .

This is the deal of a lifetime !!!

Are these sold yet?

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If they are not sold yet my offer still stands I am still waiting for an updated.

Oh man!

Not the right timing but I wish it were.

These have been sold.

Thank you for the update.