problem updating Bridge II

Could someone please advise what I should do to properly update Bridge II?

I have the foolowing problem, except for the fact that my network definitely working and sees the bridge, plays from Jriver. BUT ON THE BRIDGE SCREN IT’S 1.2.1 version GREEN no updates available.

peterrayner July 17, 2016 at 6:03 am #

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When we try to do this we’re seeing 1.2.1 as the current version, a green network button but n/a for update available. Given how old 1.2.1 is I doubt this is true. Is there something I can run to check whether the network really *is* working? I’ve read hints somewhere about downloading the update onto a clean USB and inserting it in the Bridge’s USB slot. Is this possible and are there instructions? Should I be sending this to support instead?

Thank you very much!

1.2.1 is not the latest bridge II firmware. 2.7.1 is the latest. Typically if it does not show an update is availible, there is an issue with the bridge network settings. For the update to work, the bridge II must have a valid Gateway and DNS set. Also it must be able to access the interenet because the update comes from

If you have a windows machine availible email me and I can send you a way to update from a windows machine.



I have a related question. My Bridge II works with JRiver, but it cannot be found in Roon. The Bridge displays 0.0.0. How can I tell if my Bridge II is ok for Roon to rule out a Roon issue?

I am running Torreys.

Unit ID 052921
Bootloader 1.13
Firmware 1.8.8
FPGA 0.112
USB 00.195
Rev 0136

You can use mconnect on and android or ipad to check the version of the bridge. The 0.0.0 is a bug in the version of DS software you have.


Dennis, with Mconnect the bridge firmware is 2.9.1 but the DS screen says 0.0.0… How can I “debug”? (btw, Torreys version is 1.8.8, I think the last one)

I do not see a bridge version in mconnect on iPad or iPhone.

Select the gear in the top left corner>device setup>bridge II. You’ll see all the bridge info.

Please see attached picture. I do not see a version number. Does no version number indicate an issue?


There’s a difference in function between mconnect and mcontrol. Install mcontrol and follow the instructions in my previous post.

My issue is resolved. After unplugging the system to move P10, I saw a bridge update 2.7.11 on the screen. Upgrade was quick and successful. I can see 2.7.11 in mconnect control. Roon found bridge with no issue. Thanks to all.