Problem with Direct Stream DAC

Hello! He wrote to the support service and to Mark Simpson, but received no answer. I will write here.

“At the end of January-2019 I sent you my DirectStream DAC to have the power supply changed from 120 Volts to 230 Volts (RMA #5130808 - PWD Repair). The unit was first lost during the process of delivery to you and then only at the end of March after replacement of the supply board it was sent to New York for further delivery to my address in Russia. The return delivery was also connected with problems and I only received the parcel on June 16, 2019. The packaging was intact. When I turned the power on, the display indicated “Initializing” and further loading, however after the loading was complete the display did not respond to the touches and the front power-on button did not function either. Nor did the unit respond to the remote. I immediately contacted Mark Simpson, with whom I communicated earlier, but I have not received any response as of today. I then contacted an official dealer in Russia and obtained the address of an authorized service center. The service center checked all the connections and informed me that they were in order. Please advise what I should do further. It is a lengthy and costly process to send the unit to you. I am now also concerned that it may get lost. I will appreciate if you could contact your official dealer in Russia and authorize local repairs as part of your international guarantee. Would that be possible? Many thanks in advance.”


This is very disappointing (

Hey @Romario1976,

Try doing a screen calibration and see if this solves the problem. You will essentially be doing a system reset.

Let me know how this goes. I believe Mark should be emailing you back very soon. - TJ T.

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It’s great to have these forums…but Andrey’s customer service problem should not have taken so long through normal service channels… Relying on a public forum to receive a warranty/and or product fix does not seem to be the most efficient way of conducting business… To me it looks like poor service protocol.


Thank you all very much! Mark replied, I will do the calibration. Now only on Monday, we have started the weekend)

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Calling is always best.

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Calibrating the screen and flashing the software did not help (I will write further to Mark.

The problem was not solved (the Russian dealer wrote several letters to the factory, there is no answer.

The dealer wrote that the display will be replaced under warranty.


Just a small problem in case someone knows
I mostly don’t use the remote … but as I recently did, changing volume reacted extremely slow… putting new batteries in didn’t help. I don’t remember this from the beginning.

Anyone who solved this or knows this problem?

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Hello, I have this problem here too. I don’t know if this can be heplful to you since my DSD DAC is a upgraded version. My touchscreen is from 2009. And I request a new screen. Since I recieved it I tried to change the screen and happen the same thing.

My screen has a spring in the back of it and a incompatibily size. So I make a mod and fixed the screen. It started to freeze too. So I leave the screen free and the problem disapear.

My point. Try to open the DAC and remove the screen where its placed, I know it’s not secure to turn on with it open, but I tested like thant and the DACs operate in the normal way. I closed the DAC and nevermore gets this problems.

Sorry for my poor english, hope it can help you.

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Thanks you! The device in the service center)

Not sure what you’re attempting but we do not recommend changing the front panel touchscreens of our products. It’s really hard to do and takes someone trained. Can you instead get one of our authorized dealers to do the work?

Hey Paul, it’s already replaced. My DirectStream is a horrible story.

Here in Brazil have a really bad official dealer, and he just support who buy from him. I bought mine in America so dont get support. I get a new front panel and get replaced by myself.

Thank god it’s perfect