Problem with ds dac.

Dear sir,

I have a mac mini and play via jr mc.I use ds dac with no problem for about 6 months.Last Sunday i ve tried to play some dsd files ,which i ve played with no problem unitll now,but there was no sound and in the control panel of the dac I get the figure 176.4k instead of dsd.When i configure jr mc bitstreaming not to dsd,but to none,dsd files play normaly as pcm files and in the control panel the indication is 352.8k.Same with audirvana plus.What is wrong?


Make sure the volume is at 100


Thanks for the reply Dennis,

it is at 100,but the problem remains.


Make sure there is no digital signal processing going on. Have you tried running the bit perfect test (test files are in the download section)? The display will show “bit perfect” if the DS is receiving unaltered DSD files. Otherwise something is altering the files before they get there. JRMC should have bitstreaming turned on.

Not on the DS, on your computer.


Thanks Dennis, it was the 24bit setting on the mac mini.The right was 16 bits.Everything is ok now.

I am glad to hear it.