problem with Mconnect Player (version 2.0.0)

I have multiple problems with the latest update of mconnect player (2.0.0):

  • sometimes mconnect skips a track
  • sometimes mconnect stops and retries approx 5 times and then stops with playing music

The latest updates were the following:

  • TIDAL Integrated.
  • Add function of Server Folder Bookmarking as a Favorite Folder.
  • Add function of Track Sort option including Track Number.
  • Add function of Remembering the latest Playback Device.
  • Support Video File Playlist and adding to Queue.
  • Improvement in compatibility.
  • Fix some bugs.

Does any out there has the same problem(s)?

Thanks in advance

I’m using mconnectHD and a microRendu instead of the Bridge but mine will not advance to the next track, however it was happening on the earlier version too. Servers are the same though, minimserver on Synology.