Problem with newly bought Nuwave phono converter IEC socket

bit of an unusual one this.

Bought a set of Wireworld Silver Eclipse power cords to upgrade my system which have what I’d describe as “chunky” IEC connectors.
I use these cables elsewhere in my system (including my DS Dac) and don’t have this problem anywhere else except the Nuwave converter.

The IEC is physically too big to fit in the socket and make an electrical connection.

I’ve tried other silver eclipse cables from elsewhere in my system and none of them fit in the Nuwave.
The same cable fits in every other bit of kit in my system, including the DS.
Seems the IEC socket in the Nuwave converter is smaller than standard?
Can this be right?

Not being able to use this rather special sounding cable with the Nuwave is a bummer.
Any advice please?

(Can use another cable but it wont sound anywhere near as good as the Wireworld)


I’ve got one of the first NPC and I just tried a PS Audio AC-12 and it fit fine in the socket. As the name IEC implies, it’s standardized. Seems odd that the IEC socket on the NPC is out of specification, PS Audio is NOT a substandard company, but if the same cable fits other IEC sockets then that may be the answer. Perhaps they changed vendors during production and no one caught it prior to this? I would contact PS Audio service.

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I know, its a standard…is a standard…is a standard.

Scratching my head with this one.
I’m UK based so not sure the best way forward.