Problem with POWERPLANT server?? (the PS GlobalNet for PowerPlay devices)


This evening i noticed that from friday 17/06/2016 at 6 pm (italy local time), more or less, until now the PS GlobalNet for PowerPlay devices isn’t register data (THD,Voltage, Watt) from my POWERPLANT P5.

Other functionalities are working fine: i can control my P5 (that results correctly online), swhitch on or off the zones, reboot,… and see the real time measure of the THD, Voltage and watt but any data is collected.

I Tried to restart the P5 e my router but nothing is changed.

TKS, Carmelo.

The problems with capturing and displaying the power play data was reported years ago, and many times since. There were promises made to devote programming resources to fix the issues, but they were never fixed. Paul did ask a while back if owners saw any value in the power play data. I don’t know what resulted from that.

Certainly, at the moment, like you, I’m not seeing any data captured at all.

tks brodricj!

Today, from 12am of 23/06/2016 data are newly collected and i can see it on my control page. I restarted my P5 yestrday at 23:45 pm (more or less)…i don’t know if it may be interesting. The THD is two hours in retard respect to voltage and wattage: Real time tracking seems to work fine and device is online and remote controlled.

There is a strange behaviour in the drawing of graphs: when I open the performance page i can’t see any data, I have to click on the current day or other in the calendar or in the button day or month at the top of the page to force drawing graphs, several times.

I think is a problem of programming (like you wrote), in the retrivial data on the databases, in the javascript functions that draw graph or that change the visualization (I see ‘loading’ that appears for a moment and then nothing, the second time or after all works fine).

I think that data are collected anyway…also from your powerplant and I hope that you will see soon!!! :wink:

We’ve been working on it and it had a problem yesterday but she be functional today.

Whenever I try to log in to PowerPlay, it logs me right back out.

Do you get a login error message?

Your account appears to be registered. I’m wondering if there might be a password problem. There would be a password error message if that were the case. If that is not it, can you tell me more about what you see, or send a screen shot?