Problems after installing upgrade kit


I just finished installing the upgrade kit, from PW II to DirectStream. And I am disappointed that I cannot get it to play.

As instructed, I updated my Bridge I to version 2.15 before starting.

Once I was finished with the swap out, I booted up without changing the SD card that I have used since Nov 2013. I was able to change tunes from JRiver in my ipad; (the display on the unit showed the chosen song and artwork). However there was no sound.

I plugged in the SD card that came with the kit and rebooted. The screen did not show anything at all.

I downloaded Yale and rebooted. I get a new screen but the unit refuses to do anything. The remote does not operate it. The front panel does not operate it. The PS Audio logo button did not flash on initialization.

Any suggestions of what I can do before sending the unit in to PS?


Dennis can probably help you better, (or you can call PS Audio support)

Don’t use the old SD card with any non-DirectStream releases on it - that will load the wrong files into the DirectStream.

Try the Boot rescue files:

Unpack the whole zip which should be 7 seven files to the top level of an SD card (probably not the one that came in the upgrade kit.)

Put it in the back of the DS (as usual, gold fingers up) and turn the power on.

The blue light in the upper left of the front of the DS should blink for a while.

When that finishes you should have a functioning DS, but you probably still want to upgrade it to Yale.

If the light did blink for a while but the system still doesn’t boot you should check the cables inside the box.

If you still have problems Dennis might have some more answers or you should contact support.

This is the Yale/Bootloader upgrade for kit upgrades.

Try this and see if it help.