Problems - Volume on my DS reduces itself down to 50

Problems - Volume on my DS reduces itself down to 50.
It often happens that the DS volumes even run down to 50 even. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot that problem?
(i run Tidal from PC over usb to Dac)

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I have seen this come up a couple times now on this forum.

People have found doing a full shutdown of the DS Sr fixed the issue.

Turn the unit off(by flipping switch in the back) and unplug it from the back of the unit. Wait 30 seconds or so…then plug it back in and turn back on(flipping switch in back).

Check to make sure all cables are securely installed.

Hope that works for you.

I’ve tried it sometimes … unfortunately it doesn’t work

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It could also be from another component sending 5v power to the i2s port if you have it connected.

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I send the phono signal to I2s DS

Hi Michael. TJ in customer service posted this. Hope it helps.



Hey Y’all,

This is a small bug that is corrected (and don’t ask me how!) by locking the attenuator in the setup screen. It shouldn’t happen again after that. I’m being told it will be fixed soon enough.



Thanks Paul
I’ll just try that tonight
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But it is a bit murky since I use my DS as a volume control as my preamp clicks at every step so loud that I cry. 4 out of forward PS appliances that are hassle with I bought the main gift of faulty equipment.
so now i have to listen to those clicks again because i need to use the poor volume control from that preamp.