Problems with 12v trigger between BHK Pre and BHK Monos

Hello Experts,

Just bought a couple of mono 12v trigger cables and connected the monos to the BHK Pre. My understanding was that using the remote to turn on the Pre would also turn on the monoblocks.

Once I had hooked up the cables, turning on the Pre with the remote only turned on the Pre.

I checked all the cables were correctly seated in their sockets and tried again. Still no dice.

My next thought was to try the old computer fix all - turn off everything at the switch and turn back on.

Tried again with the remote and this time the monos started up after the preset delay I had specified in the preamp setup menu.


Only problem is that when I turned off the preamp at the end of the listening session, the monos remained on…

I am stumped. Any suggestions folks?


Do you have the mono cables in a daisy chain? One cable out from the Pre to the AMP, and then from the amp with the cable inserted to the other amp?

I don’t have an answer for you, but I’d be interested to know if you had to force the 3.5mm 1/8 Male Mini into the BHK300? I couldn’t get it to go in mine & didn’t want to force it. Thanks.

Not a daisy chain. Cable from preamp to each mono

No forcing needed. Cable clicked into place quite snugly


Watchdogs method is what Paul recommends.

Thanks. I need another lead to test this as the ones I have won’t reach from 1 BHK300 to the other.

I also noticed that after the last shutdown, neither power amp started the next time I started the Pre.

Oh well better go and wash the cars instead.

I don’t daisey chain. I have 2 trigger cables connecting my BHK Preamp to each of my BHK 300 amps. The amps turn on and off via my preamp remote.