Programmed delay time on P20

Does anyone know what the maximum ON delay time is if I set an Outlet Group to Programmed? I tried setting it via the web interface to 300 seconds (and I did Save it), but when I toggled the back of the P20 and powered it back on, the delay magically changed itself to 44 seconds. :thinking:

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On my P15 I set a 60 sec delay on one of the outlets
feeding my preamp…

If there is a design difference in this aspect between a P15
and P20…idkn…

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@jamesh, any chance you could find out the answer?

I just went over to one and it was able to go above 110. I’m guessing you can change it to 300. You may have to tap the screen that many times though. I’ve never used the interface to try it so I’m not sure what the limitations are if you are using the interface.