Proper method of labeling music when ripping to see correct info and album cover on DSD with Bridge II & MCONNECT

I ripped my cd collection about 2yrs ago using dbpoweramp to AIFF. I used the following organization:

Band Name folder

  Album Name folder

            Track #  Band Name  -   Song Name

dbpoweramp added a text document and folder jpeg.

What is the correct way so the DSD w/Bridge II and MCONNECT show the correct info and cover (as if I was streaming from Tidal)?


The way you’ve organized your files on the hard drive looks fine. But read on . . .

I assume that dBpoweramp put in the correct metadata for you (it should have) – in other words the band’s name goes in the Artist field, the album title into the Album field, the song name in the Title field, etc. It’s the metadata that governs what you see on the screen, not the file name as stored on the hard drive.

About art: there are several ways of organizing this. Putting a cover image for an album into the same folder as the song tracks, with the name ‘folder.jpg’, is a standard method and should work fine. It’s also possible to embed the art directly into each file (again, with dBpoweramp – at least with some formats such as FLAC; not sure if this works with all types of audio files). That works too and is insurance if you are moving files around the ‘folder.jpg’ accidentally gets separated from the album it goes with.

Thanks for the reply.

So for mp3, and flac metadata and covers are embedded.

For AIFF, a whole different story?

So the question i should be asking: how do you rip AIFF to show correct info and cover on the dsd and mconnect?

Same thing for AIFF files. The metadata and the cover art that is input in dBpoweramp while ripping should display on the DS screen the same as magister describes for FLAC files.


The above screen shot is what I see on mconnect.

Any ideas to get it to recognize the metadata correctly?


This is what it shows on the PWD MK II with Bridge II.


This is how it shows up on the DSD with Bridge II.

It looks like the metadata isn’t there or is incorrect somehow.

When you installed dBpoweramp, it gave you the option of adding a context menu item (right-click in Windows Explorer) which adds two tabs to the normal window: one for Audio Properties and one to actually edit tags. See the screen shots below. These are very useful in seeing and, if necessary, correcting metadata. Do you see the proper values when you look at the file using the context menu (or some other method)?

Properties-1.png audio_prop-1.pngedit_tag-1.png