PS Audio ad

Four of the seven. In addition to those, a P5, DMP, BHK250 and Stellar M1200’s…

Stellar phono preamp makes them 8! If a pair of mono blocks count as one of the 7, then I have 4 + P15

So pleased with my PS Audio system.

BHK Preamplifier
BHK 300 Mono Amplifiers
Stellar Phono Preamplifier
PW SACD Transport (pre-ordered)
P15 (subwoofer line-array)
P15 (subwoofer line-array)
Noise Harvester (10 ea)
AudioQuest Wind & Diamond Interconnects, Thunder & Hurricane Power cables, and ThunderBird Bi-Wire Combo Speaker cables

Next upgrade: looking forward to the new phono preamplifier that Darren Myers is working on to match the rest of my system.


About this many…


None, right now, But . . .
If stay in my wife’s good graces, I should with some help from the PSA crew in Boulder, own 2 or 3 units in a few months.
Well, an old guy has to start somewhere.


I have 2 so far technically 3 (M1200s) because I’m sure the ad will be changed to the PS Audio Stereophile 9 soon! With the addition of the Stellar Preamp and no doubt the M1200’s are a sure thing on the Stereophile Class A rated components! I almost forgot about the Perfectwave SACD transport my as well make it a perfect 10!