PS Audio Class A PCA-2 Preamp with remote - original owner. [Sold]


For sale a PS Audio PCA-2 Preamp in excellent condition.

Please note that the unit for sale is the top piece. The Power Director 3.5 (bottom unit) is not included in the sale. Also any discoloration that appears in the pictures on the top of the unit is due to my lack of removing dust (way to go dummy). There may be some signs of use on the back of the unit, but I could not see any noticeable scratches or marks on the front, top or sides.

I am the original owner of this Class A preamp which was purchased new directly from Paul at PS Audio. I purchased the preamp in 2005 and it has been nothing but a work horse for me. I believe the original MSRP was ~$1800 for this piece.

It is extremely flexible in terms of inputs and outputs. There are 4 sets of main outs 2 XLR and 2 RCA which is perfect for those with monoblocks and subwoofers. It also includes one set of XLR inputs. All of the inputs can be named/programed for the display which I find an extremely nice option. One of the inputs is also a unity gain or home theater by-pass. I also believe that the gain settings can be adjusted for each input. I barely took advantage of what this preamp is capable of doing.

The preamp will ship with it’s owners manual, remote control, and the original double box. Shipping may be pricey due to the size of the outer box and it’s not exactly a light piece of equipment.

I will NOT ship internationally except for Canada.

Asking $750 or best offer.