PS Audio DAC with Melco

Okay guys here is my setup

Melco used as a computer with music loaded… connected to the switch with a lan port and the other lan port connected to the PS Audio ds dac. Now I want to use LUMIN app as my music controller for the PS Audio how do I do that. I loaded mconnect and it works with PS Audio but if I lower the volume in my iPad my systems volume reduces too…

And I am not so happy with mconnect.

Please he,p


Never tried the Lumin app, so I cannot help you there. For Melco/DS tandems, I recommend the Android “BubbleUPnP” and “Hi-Fi Cast” apps. Note: I disabled Twonky in my Melco and installed MinimServer, which works like a charm and sounds better than Twonky to my ears. YMMV.

I’m with Bootzilla; installed Minimserver, disabled Twonky and use Minimserver to transcode Flac to WAV ‘on the fly’ with very good result. Hooked the Melco up to the DS with both Audioquest Diamond USB and RJ/E, slightly prefer USB for SQ. Also preferring Bubble on Android to serve the Melco and only using mcontrolHd to stream Tidal MQA or vTuner Internet Radio to the Bridge without any issue. McontrolHD (also for i-Pad) is not that bad, and remember these are all control points; playing to the Bridge you can directly adjust the volume of your DS, which is a nice feature.


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FWIW: for fun just installed and tried the Lumin app. It does recognize the Melco/DS combo over USB but does not recognize Bridge II. Playing over USB is fine, local stored files in the Melco as well as Qobuz HiRes and Tidal. To my great surprise it even playsTidal/MQA with first unfold up to 24/48 :slightly_smiling_face:. However I really don’t like the Lumin GUI…

See screen print below for the how to: