PS Audio Delta 250 Mono Block Sequentially-Numbered Amps "SOLD"


The only thing constant in life is change, right?

So its with very much regret and sadness that I must now sell these extremely wonderful sounding Mono Blocks. They are in “Mint” condition as you can see in the pictures. Not a scratch anywhere on them. I have always treated them with love and respect. They come with all the original packaging and boxing. They are “Sequentially-Numbered” and personally voiced by PS Audio’s Bob Odell under my guidance. These amps utterly “sing and dance” and yet do not exert any strain in anyway. The power is breathtaking and the detail and transparency puts one right there. They both run within one degree of each other and soon as they warm, the music just begins to pour right out of them. There is no fatigue from listening to them, what so ever.

Someone will be very lucky to have these amps in their collection. This is a VERY rare and unique opportunity to capture the sonic magic that PS Audio is so very famous for. I have never seen these units advertised as they are keepers for sure.

So you are thinking why am I selling them, right? Especially after I have extolled all of their sonic virtues?

Well I have recently moved to the SF Bay Area and at the same time have downsized as you can see in the pictures. My listening space is more condensed now so the amps must go to a new home I am sad to say! Its not because of the sound but only the room size that necessitates the sale, pure and simple.

I will miss them very much but who ever purchases them will I know, enjoy them as much as I have over the years. Check out the pictures! Read the included PS Audio published specs, and I hope understand that they do not fully describe all the sonic achievements in the fantastic sound quality of these amps.

Please feel free to contact me should you want to find out more about them or to discuss how these fantastic amps can be yours. I have just today dropped the price even further down to $1,250.00 for the set to help with a quick sale.IMG_5137.jpgDelta-250-amp.jpegIMG_5108.jpgIMG_5109.jpgIMG_5113.jpgIMG_5117.jpgIMG_5121-1.jpgIMG_5135-1.jpgIMG_5150.jpgIMG_5130-1.jpg

I have recently reduced the price on the Mono Blocks.

They are still available. Price drop down to a giveaway price of $1250.00 for the Pair.

I have updated original listing above to reflect the change.

Please check it out, thanks.


Just wondering if anyone has any interest in my PSA Delta 250 Mono Block Amps?

Please take a look and as it might interest you…

They are fabulous amps and sound fantastic.
Price Drop down to $1250.00 for the Pair.

What does this mean?

I’m curious how much the draw at idle? I bet they keep you warm on those SF foggy nights. I remember lusting after seeing the picture alas they were far out reach then.

Elk, I might suggest that you contact Paul McGowan or Bill Aplanap sp to get the full answer as I am sure that they can explain what was happening right at that time-frame.
However when I purchased the Delta 250’s they sounded a bit bright and a tad metallic sounding in the upper end.
So after consulting with Bill he commented that Dr. Bob ODell personally voiced the amps.
I mentioned that I would like to have the Bias reset to a more tube-like sound without the brighter/etched top end.
I explained that perhaps Bob should re-listen to them and adjust the overall sound properties and tweak them for a smoother top to bottom sound, which he did. And I have not looked back.
They sound fantastic.
Both ODell and Bill A agreed that the bias was an issue and once reset/calibrated they became as smooth as silk.
Does that answer your query?
I hope so.

The 250 Mono Blocks were the pinnacle of the PSA amp line.

I have been very pleased with them but with recent down-sizing, I just don’t have the space for them.
And is the only reason that I am selling them.

Hello brett66, actually they draw very little at idle. In fact I always leave my electronics on all the time to maintain thermal stability and sonic purity. Sorry to disappoint but the hottest that the amps get is 119 degrees and they are within one degree of each other. I used a non contact infra red laser gauge. You know, the digital kind that you point and shoot at things. Anyway, I was both surprised and pleased at the temperature findings. One degree between them says something for sure. Included is a copy of the brochure on the amps with the Bob Odell write up and the specs.
Well here is your chance to own this pair and a much more affordable price of only $1250.00 for the pair. As you can see in the pictures the amps are in fantastic condition and come with the original packaging.
Something to think about, right?

I recently downsized and had to part with a nice, but not Delta 250 nice, ATI 5-channel amp. It produced far more output than I could use in my new digs.

A pair of M700s are arguably overkill for my SPL these days, but they sure sound nice.



I can feel your pain. Downsizing is not always the best and when it comes to HIFI it can be very painful not to mention costly.
I am still on the “train" right now changing out all my electronics, and I have in my rig some bi-wire “MasterBuilt" speaker cables.

They are called “Performance” level.

There are 4 levels in the line and the ‘performance’ is the second one from the bottom.

Cost for a 2.5 meter pair is $7600.00. Check out their website.

The most expensive “ultra” line for the same 2.5 meter bi-wire pair is $35,000.00 per pair.

I have to give them back on Friday. UGH.

They are the BEST speaker cables I have EVER heard, period.

I am trying to scrape together the funds to purchase them form the dealer but not for $7600.

I just don’t have that kind of cash.

I am hoping he might discount them to a more reasonable price for me to swing the deal.

But its not a forgone conclusion.

I am truly sorry to see them go.

They work wonderfully with my PSA S300 amp like nothing else I have ever heard.

Best Regards,

Ian Wotherspoon

The Findlay Company

Pleasanton, CA.****

Absolutely! Very interesting background/history and fun to know how they worked with you.


They were actually designed my Greg Shug of Monolithinc Sound in Nipomo California. I think Bob did some voicing in terms of parts selections. He might have increased the bias level (there are pots inside to do that) which would have made them a little sweeter sounding.

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I am a proud owner of the 250’s, which still sing! The suggested bias level should be between 10 and 11 mV. Cheers from Greece!