PS Audio Digital Link III w/ Cullen Signature Mods [Sold]


Upgraded DL III with Cullen Circuits Stage IV Mods.

Purchased Direct from Cullen Circuits. Gently used for about 1 year before I purchased a PerfectWave Mk II DAC and then a PerfectWave DirectStream DAC. Has been sitting on my closet shelf for the last couple of years and it’s starting to feel neglected

Much too nice of a DAC to go unused. With the added mods, it’s almost criminal. Would love to pass this on to an aspiring audiophilewho may not have the resources to buy a PerfectWave DAC but can appreciate a great product nonetheless.

Very good condition except for a small, barely noticeable ‘ding’ on the right front edge. My bad! Otherwise, it is in as new condition, includes original power cord, box and packing material.

Asking $450 which includes Paypal fees and shipping.

Be glad to send photos to interested parties. Please include your email with any inquiry.

PM sent.

item has been SOLD.

Great guy to deal with, item came packaged in original box, wrapped in plastic, placed on another box, wrapped in several layers of paper and covered securely with tape. Took me 15 minutes to get it out safety, item was a in like new condition. Still looking for that ding he mentioned on the initial post.


It is great to have feedback.