PS Audio Direct Stream DAC i2S connection

Hi, I have a Singxer SU-1 DDC connected to the DSDAC via I2S. When I switch off the DSDAC with the SU-1 powered on with I2S connection, the front panel starts to blink. Can someone tell me the reason why? Thanks

A wild guess, it’s expecting to be in communication with a device that it’s no longer in communication with. The blinking is to alert you of that.

Check to see if the I2S connection is supplying power to the DS. I suspect that the 5V line is being powered by the SU-1 and hence is trying to power the whole digital card thru the 5V supply. (The DS assumes it is providing power thru the 5V line - there is a polyfuse if there’s too much current.)

Also check that there’s no difference in the grounds between the SU-1 and the DS.

Thanks, I will check. Strangely, this is occuring since I changed the SU-1 board from V1.0 to v2.0.
The new dip switch order is reflected to PS Audio standard.

I have the same problem with my Rockna Wavedream Net.
The Rockna and DS is both powered by the P10.
My case has been discussed with Ted already.
I always disconnect the HDMI cable prior to firmware upgrade because it tends to flash forever, not updating the DAC.

Hi Tak!

I have a new Singxer but not yet connected to my stereo, as I am awaiting new amp. Do you hear a sonic benefits of using Singxer SU-1 in your system?
My stereo: MacMini - Singxer SU-1 - DS DAC Jr - Custom-made amp - Raidho speakers

I don’t have a Singxer SU-1 or had a chance to audition it. There are posts here from some SU-1 users.

Hi Plato, it depends. The XMOS chip and it’s latest driver will enable you minimum latency setting, in which the PSA driver won’t. If you’re using Jplay as a music player/streamer, you’ll definitely hear the benefit of SU-1 connected via I2S. Please let me know your thoughts :wink:

Hi, not sure, as I do not have a Singxer, but I do have a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 that is connected to the DS via I2S and that is powered on 24/7. When I switch off the DS, the DS display does not blink.

Hi Bootzilla
How do you rate the Matrix into your PS DAC?

@tapatrick Hi, not sure I know what you mean by “rate.” My digital front end looks like this:

Melco HA-N1ZH60 Mk. 1 --> USB --> Matrix X-SPDIF 2 --> I2S --> PS Audio DirectStream Sr. DAC

Using the I2S input as above sounds way better than running the Melco directly into the DS Sr. via USB.


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I just hooked up a Matrix in my setup.

P10 > 2013 PC Roon ROCK > USB > Matrix > I2S > DS > XLR > BHK pre > headphones at the moment, or M700.

Initial impression - Holy Shit!

I had been using the PC via Ethernet to Bridge II for several months, and most recently via direct USB. I could hear some PC noise but liked what I heard vs. the Bridge II. USB sounds more alive. The Matrix has taken the sound to levels I’ve yet to experience, and the device is still literally cold.

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Cool, congrats, @brett66! Welcome to the club!

Thanks both, Thats what I wanted to know…:slight_smile:

I have only been able to listen with headphones with the Matrix in the system. There is separation now that I never new existed. I’ve increased my cross-feed amount as it was becoming somewhat uncomfortable. Crazy good problem to have. :wink:

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Yes, a happy problem.

I had a couple hours of quiet time to listen this evening. There is an unbelievable amount of non-existant noise in my system now. I’m very impressed that all of it was from the PC, and now is not there.

Seems the Matrix has a better, way better USB chip in it than the DS.

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I’m thinking about a Singxer SU-1 DDC do you see an advantage is sound?


Several that have compared the two prefer the Matrix but agreed sound is neck and neck.

My initial impressions continue unchanged…the device is a huge win. What I thought was tube noise in my preamp was PC power supply noise coming over USB. The Matrix has reduced my system noise levels to the point I’m not sure any additional reduction would be perceived at my age, 51. The noise level is dramatically lower than it was over all Ethernet, optical isolation, LPS et al.

Instrument separation, subtle soundstage movements of performers is quite clear to me now. I’ve yet to try any other outputs but will for S&G in the coming weeks.

Best bang $300 I’ve spent next to acoustic panels. Bridge II had been sold.

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