PS Audio DLiii with Sonos

Over the last year to 18 months I have been experiencing cut out during playback from from Sonos Connect through my DLiii. I have eliminated wireless and general output from the Connect (analog) – as it plays fine in those regards. All played fine with similar content – both local files (ALAC, FLAC) as well as streaming services – until this time (have had both units for probably 7-8 years). The cutout while occurring with all content is worse with local files. I found a post on the Sonos site (over 4 years old) with the same exact issue with the DLiii - with the only solution being going back revisions on firmware for the Connect – but again my problem is more recent and I doubt I could even apply that old firmware to current equipment. I am using digital coax output from Connect to DLiii.

Also I have read about the polarity issue with the DLiii - I use balanced XLR from the DLiii to my Ayre integrated amp. Is this a real issue - I have done some head to head listening from my Ayre CD player and ripped content and the only difference was volume and a bit more warmth in the sound.

I really was very happy with the sound from the Sonos/DLiii combination. Thank you all for any feedback or guidance on this !

Local Boulder audiophile.

The polarity issue on the DLIII is accurate, but not of big consequence for many. Is your question more about connectivity and cutouts? I too have a Sonos system and haven’t any cutouts unless there’s a network interruption. It’s almost always the home network that causes the problem and the fact you’re having those problems with local files points to that as well.

I finally got tired of it and spent good money on a high-end router.

It ain’t cheap but it sure fixed my problem.

Thanks for the response Paul – I will not worry about the polarity issue - was not a music quality issue to me.

Regarding the cutout - definitely not the router - went big as you did recently. Also have 3 other Sonos devices and all play fine (2 of those 3 much farther from WAP). Also from the Connect same files play fine via analog (RCA) out from Connect. Just the digital out from Connect to DLiii has this issue – I do see the led’s changing on front of DLiii when cutout occurs - filed are all red book rips (no hires). Issue more pronounced at beginning of songs then may settle down - but returns with almost every song. Does not matter from rips I made last week or years ago. Also happens with Sonos streaming services - just not as frequent or pronounced.

Below is the link - from Sonos support on topic - just curious if you have any thoughts?

Thanks! Shawn

PS Could I stop by PS Audio sometime for little tour - live in N Boulder - thanks again!

Hmmmm. It might be that the Sonos is somehow disengaging it’s S/PDIF signal momentarily and causing the DLIII to auto scan its inputs. Hence the lights changing on DLIII’s front panel. Not sure what to do about that.

You’re absolutely welcome to come visit. When you do, let me hook you up with the designer of the DLIII (our chief engineer) and you two can maybe suss it out. Work for you?

Middle of the week’s usually a good time to drop by.