PS Audio GCPH for sale [sold]

I have a PS Audio GCPH for sale. This is a solid state phono preamplifier with single-ended RCA inputs, both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs, adjustable gain settings for MM and MC cartridges, a mono switch, a phase switch and an adjustable volume/gain control.

This is the version with a remote control. . . but. . . I no longer seem to have the remote control, I’ve looked all over. And PS Audio has told me that they no longer have any of these remotes to sell. . . .

I also no longer have the original feet for the unit, but will include a set of three Ingram Engineering Roller-Block isolation components that work well with this unit, or a set of three Herbie’s Audio Tenderfeet, your choice.:

Ingress Engineered Products:

I would say condition is an 8 or ten conservatively rated. I don’t have a camera to take pictures with at the moment but it looks like all the other GCPH units.

I’ll sell the GCPH and roller blocks for 425 dollars including shipping within the continental US. (I only wish to ship within the US). If interested please contact me via PM or THANKS!

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Awesome deal, I would buy it if I did not already have a GCPH (and I paid quite a bit more than $425 for mine!).

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Hi Lon:

I will buy it. Just sent you an email. Please contact me about details and how you want to proceed.

peter at wwbeagle dot com

many thanks


Thanks Peter, I sent you an email, responding to yours. Let’s consider this one sold!

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