PS Audio Lambda Transport Remote

I’ve been using a PS Audio Lambda Transport for 25 years or so but lost the remote for awhile in a move. I just found the remote but sure enough the batteries corroded and leaked. I just cleaned it up and it didn’t seem to cause much damage, but the remote now will not work to control the transport…so I’m in need of help…
What could have failed on the remote?
Is there a way to reset it or “pair” with the transport? or is that needed?
Would a “universal” remote learn the codes and work
and if all else fails does anyone have one for sale?

Hi, Tom

I do not have a solution to you, but love that you have used and enjoyed the transport for 25 years.

My hope is the current remote codes are the same as old and a new remote would do the job for you.

Great to hear you’re been enjoying the transport for so long but sorry to hear about the remote. Sadly there likely isn’t anything that can be done. We don’t have any replacements for this remote, nor would our current remotes work for it. Sorry I can’t be of much help here Tom.