PS Audio NuWave DAC - "Clicking sound" and "initial delay" problem


I have 2 problems with the PS Audio NuWave DAC.

1st problem (minor):
Whenever a sound (it can be any audio like a song/video in a player, opening a folder, youtube video) inital starts to play there is a delay in for about 1 second time. This only applies to cases when there is no sound playing for some time (device is in the idle state) and then, an inital first sound is played, the delay happens.
It can be a little annoying when, e.g. you are browsing through windows folders on your pc and you see the folder is opened, but the sound comes a second later…

2nd problem (Major, complements with problem 1):

Within that delay time (which is described in 1st problem), a distorted high-pitched clicking sound appears twice in the amount of that second. This clicking sound will NOT appear if you are switching back and forward withing songs, videos, etc (of the same sample rate)… It only appears when the device is in an idle state (for about 15 to 20 seconds) and starts playing again.

Also, the same annoying clicking sounds occurs when switching from a 44.1 kHz Sample rate Song to any different (e.g. 96 kHz).
I’m using Winamp as my digital player (with the YASAPI (Winamp version for WASAPI) to eliminate all possible windows interference with the DAC). This was also tested on Foobar and the issue is the same. When switching songs with differnet sample rate frequencies, the clicking occurs

NOTE: This distorted clicking behavior is heard only whem the device is in the “Native” Mode. When i manually set the mode to “192kHz” on the DAC front panel, the short delay is present, but the clicking is no longer audible

NOTE2: When no sound is playing, after switching from “Native” Mode to “192kHz” mode (and vice-versa), a little subtle clicking is also heard

Solutions I have already tried:

  • Changed the DAC usb cable and the DAC power cable

  • Swithced to a different home power socket

  • Replaced the studio monitors with the other pair of active studio monitors

  • replaced the USB port on the Motherboard (3.0, 2.0, front usb…etc)

  • Replaced the XLR Cables

  • Installed the drivers to another computer and listened the music from that pc (same issue)

  • Switched the power management of all USB Hubs to “Off” in the device manager

  • Changed the System power plan to High Performance

Unfourtanetly, my pc does not have the “Coax” and “Optical” options, so i am left with the USB option only.

Connection Route:

MoBo (via USB Connection) -> NuWave DAC -> 2 Active Adam A7x Monitors (via XLR cables)

Driver Version installed:

If You have any additional info or Help i will be grateful,