PS Audio P12 regenerator vs. PS Audio BHK Signature preamp?

I’ve been saving my nickels and dimes while also selling audio gear a long time to get to this point (time to pull the trigger and upgrade!). Please help me make a best decision with my next step.

Here’s my rig:

VPI Scout 1.1 turntable; 1.5m Kimber Cu TAK phono cable with Ultraplate RCAs; JMW Memorial 9T tonearm. Ortofon Quintet Black moving-coil cartridge. VPI 17F record-cleaning machine.

Parasound Halo JC3 Jr. phono preamp.

PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport. PS Audio Perfectwave DAC, mk I. AudioQuest Carbon HDMI between transport and DAC.

PS Audio Gain Cell preamp. PS Audio M700 monoblock power amps.

Buggtussel Amygdala speakers.

PS Audio Power Plant Premier, refurbished in Boulder during the summer and then the fall of 2014.


Thank you for scrutiny and advice, y’all.

Hi Chazz,

FWIW I went from the PS Audio Power Plant Premier to a P15 and a McIntosh c2500 preamp to the BHK Signature preamp. To me the PPP is still a solid performer. I think you’ll get more of a sonic upgrade with the BHK Signature Preamp.

Ah, beautiful, first-person testimony. Just what I was hoping for. Thank you, audiophilehi!

Next, please?

My pleasure!

BHK preamp, no contest.

Thank you, Kyle.

“No contest” sounds definitive. Could you supply some details of your experience as it relates to my question? (Not disbelieving, just hoping for a little more to go on. . . .)

Thanks again,

I’m running BHK pre, BHK 300, DSD, DSP, P20. The preamp made a bigger improvement than my P20.

Oh my, way nice setup. Thank you for the details.

Was the P20 your first regenerator (or did it replace something)?

And, if you will say, what did the BHK pre replace?

Thanks again, Chaz

I Was running my DSDac direct to the amp before BHK pre. I had a Richard Gray’s PC600S, Then a P12, finally the P20 through a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I ran my system without the P12 for a while before I put the P20 in. The P12 is almost as good as the P20 if, you’re using a 15 amp circuit. For my money, the BHK pre was a better upgrade immediately, and, continues to be, as the rolling of tubes is a way to shape your sound to a degree.

Upgrade your speakers.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Have you ever heard the Amygdalas?

Thanks again, Chaz

I agree with Broderic, speakers are the way to go. Buy the best speakers you can afford, then upgrade components. Your speakers will sound better with every upgrade if, they are better than the components.
Unless you feel your speakers have not reached their potential with the components you have. I have not heard a Buggtussel in many years!

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Take a look at the Wyred4Sound STP-SE Stage 2 preamp. I did a lot of research on that preamp and chose it over the BHK which was my other finalist. No tube, solid state. The BHK is a well thought of unit, but I’d give the W4S a look.

I use two Power Plants, a P12 and a P5. DSJ, several other components, AV, and a Class D multichannel amp are attached…my regenerators don’t get taxed much…

BHK preamp and when you can afford it the Direct Steam DAC. The DS DAC is a huge upgrade from the PWD. I was shocked and very pleased.

Another vote for the preamp as the bigger upgrade vs. the P20. I run both, and the preamp was a significantly more important upgrade in my system (chased a VAC Ren Sig II out…). Not that the P20 isn’t a nice upgrade, but between the two I think the preamp is a no-brainer, too.