PS Audio P5 for repair [Sold]


I have PS Audio P5 power regenerator what I used in my stereo system in pair with PS Audio P600 but approx a year ago it started to make big distortion on AC OUT and make ‘wrong’ output voltage regulation.

I dropped P5 to the local PS Audio dealer (I’m living in Kiev, Ukraine) and they said that PS Audio service suggests to replace power regeneration modules, I said ‘OK’, paid and new modules were installed. But… in six months this issue returned… I asked dealer help me again but they just did nothing after my half year waiting… SO, in the Ukraine we have only ONE official PS Audio dealer and this dealer can’t help me and I don’t have a chance to repair it.

Now all button work as should and screen works to but there some issues:

  • it has big THG level on the OUT -10% and more - you can see it on the photos. As well it’s visible on the oscilloscope (also please see photos).
  • some capacitors are bulbed
  • ‘wrong’ output voltage regulation - output voltage will be changed stepwise not smoothly

This device will be well packaged for the shipping.
Because I can’t get any help locally I must sell this device as ‘non-working’ with no warranty or return policy.

Great cosmetic condition, new top cover, still under plastic film.

Price $769 + $100 for shipping to CONUS via USPS


Is there a repair station closer in Europe that could look into this so it doesn’t have to be sent all the way back to Boulder?

Let us get you some help. Where did you purchase the unit from?

I would think this a European spec unit so it would be of interest to those with 230VAC 50 Hz power. Sending it to a US buyer could be an expensive proposition, repairing it and converting to 120 VAC 60 Hz. I would also add that “bulged” capacitors could be from a surge and could be an indication of an expensive repair.

Hello Paul,

we communicated with you on the forum about my P5 about one year ago:

I bought this P5 in USA on the second market and this is 120V/60Hz model.
Serial #P5-B3-038173

I used this P5 with the output of my P600 what can accept 230V on the input and provide 120V on the output.
Local dealer kept P5 within several months and returned in the same non-working condition with comment: “we can’t help”

Just curious:
An internet search shows that in Kiev, Ukraine, power is 220 volts at 50 Hz.
Your photos show 114.7 volts incoming at 60 Hz.

What is your source of power?

PS Audio P600 - input 230V, OUT - 117V

Does your local dealer have a source of 120 volts to be able to test your P-5?

Ahhh. Yes. Because it was purchased in the US the Russian distributor can’t work on it. Sorry for all that. We can fix it here if you want to cover the round trip shipping.

Hi Paul,

many thanks for your answer, I will consider the possibility to ship P5 for repair to USA

SOLD to the person who is living in USA and will try to repair it with PS Audio