PS AUDIO P5 trouble


I’m located in Kiev city, Ukraine (East Europe) and I have P5 regenerator what was repaired (main regenerator PCB was changed) in 2016 by local authorized PS Audio dealer.

Approx 3 months ago my P5 what is supplied from another PS Audio regenerator (P600) started to make big distortion on the OUT, please see photo.

I asked the local dealer to help me but they answered that can’t do this because don’t have all necessary documentation to solve this trouble and moreover, their requests to official PS Audio were left without response. I asked dealer twice and twice got the same answer - no response from PS Audio.

So, please advice who should be asked in order to solve issue with my P5ю

Could somebody let me know - is it hardware or software trouble?

Best Regards



the same result as with the local dealer… no answer…

Oops. Sorry I missed this. Yikes! Is there any chance you can put this unit online (with the Ethernet connection) make sure it’s registered, and then email us the serial number and login information. We can probably figure this out for you based on that info.

Mr. Paul, many thanks for your answer. I will make connection my P5 to internet this weekend and then will let you know. Should I send you login information via private message or by email? Best Regards, Artem

Email would be best. paul

Email was sent. Sorry for delay but my son who is three year old has put the cup of water to my PS Audio P600 and I spent last week to repair P600. Without P600 I was not able to connect P5 to Internet.