PS Audio P600 Power Plant With MultiWave Patterns

The American version of the PS Audio P600. 120/220 V. input, when connected to 220V. what will be the output voltage 117V or 220.?

You can adjust the output voltage from something like 100 up to 120 in one volt increments.

Even if configured for 220v input its output will still be in the 120v range, adjustable as PB suggests (not sure of the low point either).

I’m not clear on this, did the P600 have the option in the USA version to be wired to a 220v outlet, like an electric clothes dryer or electric range? Those are some very large plugs. I can understand that it might be more efficient using 220v for the input, but I have never seen a USA version with a 220v socket.

And then output 120v? In the USA I am only aware of 220v plugs being those used on appliances, commercial machinery and welders.

Or was it designed that way to use USA 120v components in countries that use 220v throughout their homes?

I would have expected the 220v version to output clean 220v.

We need a PS Audio expert to clarify this.

I had a P600 for many years. It could be set to accept either 115 or 230 volt input. The output was fixed depending on whether US or Europe, etc. From the owner’s manual (listed in the manuals section of this site as P1200 but covers P600 as well):

The output of the PS Audio Power Plant produces regulated, balanced, 115 volt

AC power (domestic model) or 230 volts AC (export model). All Power Plants,

domestic and export, can be set to the appropriate input voltage: 120 volts (US,

Canada, Taiwan) or 220 volts (Europe, Asia). The user may select the appropriate

voltage via an internal selection switch. Details are available in the setup

section of this manual.