PS Audio PerfectWave PWT and PWD Mk2 for sale, includes AC-10s and AC-12 HDMI [Sold]

Three years ago I bought a second duo of PWT and PWD Mk2 to use in a second system that due to changes in my life was not used often and have been in storage for a spell.

I would like to try to sell these as a bundle for a while, and will consider selling them separately if time passes and there’s no interest.

Also included will be a PS Audio PerfectWave AC-10 power cable for each unit, and a half-meter PS Audio AC-12 HDMI cable (all silver wire) to connect the two units. I will also include a set of Herbie’s Audio Lab “Iso-Cups” for each unit.

Price is 2800 dollars for the bundle shipped to a continental US address. For more details and if interested please contact me at Thanks!

E-Mail sent…


And replied to Scott, thanks.

At the moment this is on hold for a week for someone who is trying to see if they can “swing” both of them. :wink:

SOLD. Someone is going to have great sound in 2017.