PS Audio PerfectWave PWT Transport in Black, mint condition


Hi, I’m reluctantly selling my PWT, a wonderful transport, sounds fabulous through my Directstream DAC. The unit is in black, is just under 12 months old and is in mint condition. The PWT comes with the remote control and power cord, and I have the PS Audio AC10 I2S HMDI cable for sale as well. I’ve gone with the Bryston BDP-2 Digital Music Player and Bryston BOT-1 Optical Transport, mainly for ripping CDs directly to my NAS drive. All my previous CD ripping was through my laptop to a usb hard drive, and I listen chiefly to music off my NAS drive through the Bryston, so the PWT has had minimal usage.

Bought from PS Audio March 13, 2015.

Serial #pwt-c1-5c083133

I’m in the United States, so this is the US voltage version.

$1900.00 OBO, plus 3% if via PayPal. I will cover shipping.

Thanks for looking, Dane.