PS Audio PS One Power Amp problem

I am the original owner of a PS One power amp, serial number 245, and over the years I have suspected the sound quality isnt as good as it use to be. I’ve doubted myself since I have owned it for 36, 37 years and my hearing ain’t what it use to be. So I finally bought a newer , but used, NAD power amp and it kills the PS One. But back in the day the PS One was far superior to anything within triple the price of a PS One.

Maybe it needs to have some components replaced. Can anybody recommend someone who can bring it back up to original spec?


It’s likely that after all these years, the power supply and circuit capacitors have aged and need replacing.

Paul, can you recommend someone who can do this?

Our repair department can, but it’s not cheap. Are you sure it’s worth it after all this time?