PS Audio Remote with PreAmp an DS-DAC: How to only put the DAC in Standby Mode?

I have the a BHK Preamp and the DS DAC MKII. I will use the BHK PreAmp also in HT bypass mode, which means that the BHK Preamp needs to be fully operational, while using the HT. However, in this case I don’t need the DAC. Is it possible to just put the DS DAC MKII to standby mode with the remote (not by pressing the button on the device itself)?

Carefully aim. Thats what I do. I have them about 25" apart. so I can do that. if they are stacked right on each other, it may be a hand blocking one or the other.

Roon app on iPad allows me to put DS DAC in standby!

Really? how?

Click the speaker icon at the bottom right corner then click the power button on the top left of the new dialogue box. :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: you can turn it back on the same way :+1:

I dont have that…


is it because the MKII does not show up here:

I cannot remember if the MKII showed up there with Sonore and I lost it with the Stack Link or if it never had been there in the first place like the MKI was.

:frowning_face: sorry, I am a laggard and still use two units of MKI with bridge II. Only one was modded.